Monday, August 31, 2009

Less Berserk, but still concerned...

Check this out. And for a better coverage on local news, here.

This was on Fox News' "The Fox Nation", website, and blogroll. Right here in Tucson, an Hispanic man promoting Obama's healthcare reform, interrupts a Tucson Teaparty townhall of their own and, when confronted, he elbows one of the Tea Party members in the face. This man was escorted out by police and then interviewed. He claimed that the hall was filled with "angry white people".

This is part of the leftist strategy to blame everything on the "angry white people". If you disagree with the current President, or Congress in any way, you are labeled a racist and a hatemonger.

I am going to Gabby Giffords' townhall meeting tomorrow. I sure hope this guy doesn't show up with his friends looking for trouble. There are going to be a lot of Tea Party types at this townhall and a lot of concerned citizens.

Does anyone else see this and tremble, as I do? I've read about stuff like this going on in history books, but this is live. I pray for peace and sanity amongst all of those involved.

Update: Channel 13 took a much less sensationalistic approach and didn't even mention the incident. I think this was much more responsible and fair to the Tea Party group. I wonder why they never mentioned the elbow incident? Draw your own conclusions. I am still scratching my head on that one.

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  1. Thanks for posting both news clips, Dave. Watching both is a great illustration of how the news can be skewed.