Thursday, August 20, 2009


I haven't written in a few weeks because of some rumblings in my head. But I saw this and went berserk.

Tell me I am not driving off of the cliff. This may be the most blatant propaganda I have ever seen in this country in my life. It is unbelievable. I never would have thought that I would see this. It is the stuff of Hollywood fiction or from fascist countries, not America; not my country. This is like the Gleiwitz Incident that the Nazis used as a pretense to invade Poland. This demonization of one’s political enemies is hard to call anything but evil. No good can come of it and the people involved are despicable.

Luckily, there were other new organizations that filmed it and, because of YouTube, email, blogs and the internet we can decipher the truth. But what about in the near future as technology gets better? Will the powers that be find a way of controlling the airwaves in America so that we only see the kind of stuff that MSNBC puts out in this hit-piece?

Follow the link to AZ Central web page for the original story for more complete footage of our rifle-bearer.

Notice the MSNBC focus on only the rifle and pistol, carefully avoiding any glimpse of the man’s skin or face. Then they flash to a completely different guy (a white guy), wearing a similar colored shirt, with the full frontal shot, giving the impression that the guy with the rifle and the guy talking to the reporter is the same guy (it is not). Then they use this entire segment to talk about how people in America are angry that we have a black President, and about white supremicists and how these protest groups are generated by hate groups. This is classic bait and switch of street magicians, Herman Goebels and Josef Stalin. Scary stuff.

Now let's draw some imaginary lines between some things that have happened recently and see if we have the makings of a conspiracy theory;

1. Now imagine the White House is making a call to the producer to "suggest" such a piece.

2. Imagine the party with a super majority offering to bail-out the failing leftwing newspapers and declining news outlets.

3. Imagine that news outlet is owned by a couple of left-leaning mega-corporations like GE and Microsoft.

4. Imagine that at least one of these corporation stands to make billions of dollars in a massive Cap and Trade bill just passed by Congress (GE).

5. Imagine an enthusiastic cooperation between the makers of the news and the reporters of the news (here, here, here to wretch and here to get a summary and perspective) to promote and support their grab of power and make it all seem like sunshine and apple pie.

How far off am I? I have never been a fan of conspiracies, but this is happening in front of us. I don’t necessarily think it is as sinister as I am alluding to, but it looks really bad and sets the stage for someone to do it later if no one stops it. Am I crazy? At the very least, the brazen appearance of impropriety should make people blush, should it not?

If this was all, I would agree that I am probably crazy. But add to that the unbelievable decision to have the government own two of the three auto makers and bail out major banks and own them and then pass a stimulus bill, flirt with cap and trade and then push a health care agenda, all while the economy is reeling, makes one check one's head at the door does it not? Am I awake? Is this really the America I grew up in? Then you add the White House snitch line, the emailing "corrections to misleading stories" to people than never registered to the White House page (were they on a "list" acquired by the snitch line?), and Napolitano's profiling of radicals that includes pretty much 90% of the GOP and you have the makings of a HUGE conspiracy theory that we are supposed to ignore?

I urge any of you to actually read the bills that our elected officials can't or won't and then convince me that I am wrong.

Have any of you read any part of the HR 3200 bill? If you read ANY part of it you will start down the road I am on right now in a hurry. There are parts of that bill that give the Federal government the right to go into your bank account at any time of their choosing for their purposes.

Check this link out if you want to read some of it in summary form.

Click here to read the actual bill in its original if you don’t believe what you read in my previous link (you won’t), and then see that it is a true and accurate representation of what’s there (it is).
Talk me down. Pull me back from the ledge…or hold my hand and let’s all jump together…

My buddy shared with me this Viktor Frankl quote, which I love;

"We have come to know man as he really is. After all, man is that being who
invented the gas chambers of Auschwitz; however, he is also that being who
entered those gas chambers upright, with the
Lord's prayer or the Shema
on his lips."
I believe in the extraordinary evil that ordinary people are capable of, and I believe that in the extraordinary good that the least of us are capable of and all in between. I believe that putting power into people's hands is a temptation to evil that many cannot resist and our only defense is not to limit the number of people that have power in our society but rather limit the amount of power any one person or group of people can have.

The size of government must shrink. Depending upon which political party is in control when the music stops and the dictator is here, some of us will be looking for the door. We are all designing our own gas chamber now. I, for one do not want the choice between the designer and the angelic grace of those singing praises to God while being gassed. I want to sing angelic praises to God in a free country and leave the same freedom to my children.


  1. God's ways are above our ways. Perhaps He truly is taking away His hand of Grace and letting America go its own way. We can fight back against that, but perhaps it is inevitable, like the various times Israel fell into slavery and/or under the dominion of foreign countries. It seems as many have said recently, the enemies are within our own gates. A modern French philosopher Baudrillard said a few decades ago that 2 competing superpowers must exist for the world to be in balance and, in the absence of other countries stepping up to the plate, the US would have to divide. Most people would think he's crazy, and the U.S. will not tolerate another Civil War, however something truly is in motion. Perhaps the pendulum is just getting ready to swing the other way. Steady.

  2. I saw an illustration of this many years ago in a film by Francis Schaeffer. Filming a simulated street riot broken up by police, the exact same scene was edited two different ways to create two entirely differnt stories: one about angry, destructive protesters, the other about police brutality. At the end you could watch an overhead shot replay proving that both news reports created were using clips of the exact same event. Schaeffer predicted (I believe he was a moden day prophet) that this kind of manipulation would not only get worse, but that the typical American would become more gullible.

    That was in 1977. I have not watched or trusted media news ever since (there are plenty of other good sources). But I have been very aware that everyone else is watching AND believing most of what they see.

    What can we do? I taught my own sons to be good crap detectors (and to support second amendment rights). I think the church has an unfulfilled role to play as well, but that would be a discussion for another time. Next Thursday?

  3. I have not been following the news as closely as I used to--for health reasons--for some months now. You and others are keeping guard while some of us recuperate. For now I read biographies of heroes past, occasionally listen to tapes on how to get rich quick with no money down :-), but I try to keep away from politics temporarily. I hope to be ready when it's your time to rest, my brother, because I believe we all need a short rest at different times.

  4. Dave,

    I have one word for you: concentration camps!
    Have I told you about the friend I have here who wants to be the first one thrown in? He wants to start the concentration camp choir.

    So, I can't talk you back from the edge, but I will hold your hand and jump with you. I still contend that in contending with the tide of insanity our first job/priority is to preach the Gospel first and fight all the other battles second. Let's not get sidetracked. In other words, Atilla may be on to something, as long as he is not just slack slack slacking.


    P.S. I won't sign up for your blog, so as not to be tracked by the trackers.

  5. I don't even know how to respond. It disgusts me.