Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Berserk, Part II

I ran into this link and a whole new world has been opened to my eyes.

Check it out. It is a watch group for "haters", apparently like me. It is run by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Like all liberal groups it seems to have started innocently enough, but they have been radicalized to a fever pitch and are resorting to the same sort of stuff that sent me over the edge in the last post.

Well, they are claiming in this article that the whole incident with the AR-15 rifle was staged by a right wing hatemonger racist and then proceeds to link together, with innuendo and breathy statements; Ernie Hancock, The Arizona Viper Militia, William Kostric from New Hampshire (the guy who was on Chris Matthews' show and showed up at a NH Obama event with a pistol on his hip), Timothy McVeigh (yes, the OK bomber), and Randy Weaver.

Now there may be some truth to some associations here, but keep in mind, not once did they mention that the guy with the rifle was black, and they spent an aweful lot of publishing "inches" herding the cattle towards the "racist" conclusion for the whole lot of protesters. The little tidbit about the black protester doesn't fit that narrative, so they leave it out. I'm not arguing that this stunt wasn't staged or that the guys involved are a little 'fringy' when it comes to guns. But they cannot be racists or white supremicists when a black man is the one carrying the rifle.

Here is some of the actual interview. And here is an actual article that reports some facts. Note that this guy is part of several anti-government groups that critics claim are racist, but he has never felt unwelcome. Hmm. Racists that don't care that he's black? Maybe their not racist? Maybe they are gun nuts. Maybe they are anti-government, but, by definition, they are not racist.

The SPLC website insinuates racism in every article about the Minutemen on their webpage too. Including this article about two hispanic men, one of them a Minute Man, arguing about the proper tactics for solving the illegal immigrant problem in this country. How can an issue where native hispanics are on the side of secure borders and a sane immigrant policy and members of the Minutemen, be an issue about race?

Indeed. How can an issue about the Second Amendment to the United States be about race? How can an opposition to Socialism be about race? Why is it that ANY disagreement with a Democrat these days means that you are a racist?

This is shouting down the opposition, straight up. There is no question that there is a concerted effort on the part of leftwing groups to shout down and intimidate people by calling them racist and anything else they think will stick. What they are doing is just fanning the flames. Reporting the truth will have a way of weeding the radicals out. We live in a conservative country. People don't particularly like radicals of any stripe and by reporting incidents dishonestly, they press has no credibility whatsoever, which makes people cynical and easy prey for propaganda.

Now, i could write some conspiracy theory on that one too!

Chris B. was a gun-rights enthusiast that wanted to bring his issue, front and center and get attention. We can argue whether he made a good decision or not. We can argue about how comfortable or how worried we are about people carrying guns openly in Arizona. But we cannot call Chris B. a white supremiscist racist or consider him part of any such group. And we cannot intelligently discuss this incident with the information that the mainstream press gave us and we cannot have anything resembling intelligent conversation by calling everyone that disagrees with Barak Obama and the Democrats racists.

There is no there, there. I understand the politically driven leftist groups like SPLC will always distort things to make their points, but MSNBC, CNN, and all of the others have no excuse. Why did all of the salient information only come a week or two later from AZ Central.com? Why isn't this in the mainstream?

Maybe more on this one...

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  1. There are some interesting ties between the 2nd A and racism, but not like the modern media would hope. Racism was utilized to keep people out of the voting booths, and racism was used to keep black people from owning guns. This is well-documented: http://www.keepandbeararms.com/Information/XcIBViewItem.asp?ID=916