Friday, December 11, 2009

Green is the new Red

Charles Krauthammer's new article articulates what I have been saying privately for years; green is the new red. Although CK says that socialism is dead and environmentalism has taken its place, I say that socialism has just got a disguise. There is no difference between the two other than the justification. I thought I would never have anything nice to say about socialism, but here it is: At least the rationalization for socialism is improving people's lives and taking care of the less fortunate. This environmental thing is based upon saving a planet...a planet that would still be here if we all dropped dead tomorrow. A planet so vast as to defy all comprehension that anyone could be so foolish as to think that we could destroy it, let a lone "save" it.

Our ecosystem is so complicated and dynamic that I am astounded at the faith people have in these eggheads in the environmental movement. But then, when I remind myself that green is the new red, everything makes sense again. These people are just responding to the urge for centralized power in the hands of some intellectual elites, instead of having power in the hands of a free people. The urge for tyranny is strong in the human heart. We will all worship something or someone. Be careful of what you choose.

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