Sunday, December 13, 2009

Barney, the eco-socialist?

No. I am not talking about Barney Frank (D), of Massachusetts.

My 20 month old beautiful baby girl LOVES Barney. You know the purple dinosaur with the TV show?

So, anyway, I had just finished posting about Green being the new Red in our society and was obligated for the interests of domestic peace and tranquility in the home to sit and watch Barney - the effeminate, creepy dinosaur - with my little girl on my lap. The way I see it, it is her first lesson on how to force men to watch things they'd truly rather not, in order to please her. Being my progeny, I guess I rationalized the activity that I was helping her learn how to tame future man-cubs, eager for her favors.

Anyway, I am watching this the other day and it was an episode about Earth Day and environmentalism. It reminded me so much of Sunday school that our kids attend, except for some very striking and important features; In Sunday school they learn about an awesome and mighty God that created the universe and sent His only begotten Son to save us from our sins. This mighty God loves them. They also learn that they are special and knit in their mother's womb at the beginning of time by God, for a purpose on this earth of ours.

In the environmentalist movement, they are taught that they are destroying the very world in which they live and so are their ignorant parents, simply by living, breathing, eating, working, and existing.

Most times, Barney is fairly harmless. The show teaches kids about sharing, appreciating everyone for their unique qualities, etc. But they teach this stuff all without the greater context and everything revolves around Barney. Barney loves them. Barney wants them to be better. Barney says...(fill in the blank). This is ok on the surface, but when coupled with a political movement, it is creepy - all the more so with the climate change email scandal and the now, near certainty, that a large portion (if not all), of the environmentalist movement is just a facade for the world socialist and communist movements, now in hiding since 1989.

I say this without link or example or proof, due to laziness at the moment, but my rationale is this: If the environmentalists have been promoting something that they know is a lie for all of these years, there must be another motivation behind their movement. Also, ALL of their solutions and tactics are indistinguishable from the socialists and communists of yesterday. Although, without a stellar proof of my claim, I am feeling rather bullish about it, in face of the circumstantial evidence. If I am somehow proven wrong, I will be very quick with the mea culpa's and the acknowledgement of such sin. But I don't think I am wrong. And neither do you most likely.

Barney needs to be about entertaining kids and basic moral lessons; you know, like don't hit people, share your stuff with others, being kind, considerate, polite, being a friend, how your actions affect other people. Barney, and all kids programs need to stay very far away from the environmentalist movement, and many other political hot button issues.

Now if we could just work on our public schools...


  1. I just had this really disturbing image of Barney Frank singing, "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family ...."

  2. That is really disturbing. What triggered that image? What is it about the large, purple, effeminate dinosaur, pushing a false ideology that reminds you of Barney Frank?