Sunday, September 20, 2009

Throw me a bone, Mr. President

I read tonight the Fox News web page equivalent of the front page and i find:

1. Obama is indecisive in Afghanistan.

2. Throws Poland and Czeck Republic under the bus.

3. Defends AG Holder's agressive pursuit of special operators and intelligence personnel.

Mr. President. Cannot ONE day go by without doing something to upset those of us from the center-right? Your positions are alarming and so far to the left of anythink ever seen on a national stage before, you could at least give us some time to absorb what you are doing, eh?

I guess not. I am still trying to figure you out. This is either brilliant Alinsky-esque attacks, shocking the system with so much change and crisis, that it shuts down; or you are really naive.

It seems to me that it would be good politics to throw an occasional bone to the opposition, to take the sting out of their remarks. I don't see any bones being thrown, except for the ones underneath those brass knuckles to keep pummeling my country with. Which begs the question; is this hubris and overreach? Or do you truly expect to maintain power so handily that you are not worried about elections anymore?

You could even throw a small bone by appearing on Fox News for an interview. You scheduled interviews with five networks, and left out Fox.


UPDATE: Zbigniew Bzrezinsky was quoted saying that US should confront militarily Israeli planes if they try and fly over Iraq to defend themselves against Iran's nukes. Obama makes a juvenile speech at the UN about global warming, then tops it off with another speech, effectively throwing Israel under the bus, just in case you were about to accuse me of getting excited about ZB, the old has-been. Then Benjamin Netanyahu makes one of the best speeches I've heard about the rights of nations to defend themselves, drawing great distinctive lines between the good guys and bad guys around the world. Whatever the leftie loons may have felt about W, multiply it by ten and you are starting to get the idea on how i am feeling about the current state of politics in my country. It has only been a couple of days since my last post. Can we have a breather?!? Mr. President, please go on vacation again!

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