Saturday, September 19, 2009

Something I can congratulate the President on...

President Obama finally did something that I agree with yesterday.

I wonder if the media will listen? I wonder if he really means it, or if he is just saying it so as to placate some criticism? I know that is cynical, but it really ties in with what I think most conservatives are thinking at this point.

I think the question in the collective conservative mind is this; Is Barak Obama an inexperienced idealist, or is he a brilliant politician, pushing his agenda to radically change this nation as quickly as he can so that we reach the point of no return.

Being the skeptical and eternally reluctant conspiracy theorist, I have to believe the latter. I think the man is genuine and believes what he says much of the time. I also beleive that he is not above stretching the truth and lying to get the proper tone for his sound bytes and speeches.

So, I think he actually means that he doesn't think that the criticism is about race. He needs to say so more forcefully, because the MSM is doing everything they can to push that storyline, and he is the only one that can squash it.

I will take it on face value and congratulate the President for trying to dampen the flames of the conversation and keep them on the true arguement; the issue of the proper role of government in our society. If we actually have that debate, it would be a good one, and he and his allies will lose.

UPDATE: I have a correction in the third paragraph from the bottom, first sentence, where I said "...I have to believe the latter", I really meant "former".

UPDATE 2: The President went on Letterman and this topic of race came up and he said something to the effect that he was black during the election campaign too and that the latest stuff has nothing to do with race. He earns respect from me when he does that. Kudos to you, Mr. President. Keep that stuff up. You won't win me on your socialism, but you will have my respect and gratitude if you keep it civil and honest.

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