Friday, May 1, 2009

We are all Corinthians Now

In the ancient world, Corinth was a lusty, luxurious and affluent place. It was also the place of great wickedness and of great redemption and grace. As I was re-reading 1 Corinthians a while back, I realized that the U.S. today can be seen metaphorically as Corinth. I hope to ruminate on philosophical, theological, political and just general interest topics on this blog and hope to share some of my thoughts and mind. I want to do this as much for myself and my sanity as much as anything else.

My intent is to boldy speak the truth as I see it, but not to purposely injure or insult anyone with my thoughts. This is me, exercising my First Amendment rights to free speech, and the free exercise of my religious faith.

I believe that this country is great and can continue to be so for many generations, if we are bold enough to defend it and continue to struggle for the liberties that we have been so fortunate to inherit.

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