Friday, April 6, 2012

A Preposterous Tale

The idea that God would take human form, and allow himself to be mutilated, tortured and eventually killed so that my sins might be atoned for, is a preposterous tale. It simply cannot be accepted.

The Creator of the universe, who literally spoke into existence the stars and planets; the plants the animals, the exquisite elegance of the periodic table of the elements and the simplicity of the gravitational constant. This all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-seeing being, who exists outside of time-space, entered into His universe and took on human flesh to bridge the unfathomable chasm that separates His holiness from me. To reach out His hand and offer eternal life by His side. Not because I did something to deserve it, but rather He chose me and loved me from the foundation of the world. The beginning of time. It is simply unacceptable.

But then I look around. I see the total depravity of the human condition. No philosophy without God survives the test of barbarity. No society void of God’s Grace is free from cruelty and wickedness, not just extant, but woven into the very fibers of the public discourse and the government itself.

In my own life, I cannot function without sin. I cannot go a day without a lewd thought, anger toward another – all rooted in my selfish pride and lusts. I fool myself of my righteousness, only to be exposed at a later date.

And then I realize that this preposterous tale, is so outlandish and so crazy, that it must be true. Like a man dying of thirst I grasp for the chalice of God’s Grace and drink deeply, forever grateful for His mercy. There can be no other answer. Nothing men can conjure up, fabricate or hallucinate comes close.

Which turns my disbelief and dismissal into awe and humility. His Grace literally takes my breath away.

May God Bless you this Easter weekend, in the inestimable name of Jesus, I pray.

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