Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Texas Board of Education Revisited...

My friend over at Dove Mountaineer, replied to my question I posted to him in this post. As I expected, he had a lot to say. Thank you!

When acquainted with a real expert, it is a pleasure to get a good perspective. I will be eager to read the book you talked about buddy.


  1. Thanks for the introduction to DM. As a former teacher I can definitively say he's spot-on about how US education breeds liberals. Kudos to Texas!

  2. I am organizing a campaign for a friend to run for our local Board of Education, but I am unable to find information as to how one goes about getting on the ballot. There is nothing on the websites for the BOE or town, and I fear that the members of the Board would be unwilling to help someone who is trying to infiltrate their tightknit group. Someone please help! This is for Ocean Twp., Monmouth County, NJ. Thank you!

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