Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Congresswoman and the health care debate

From Gabrielle Giffords webpage:

“I am fully aware that the vote I cast for the Affordable Health Care for America Act will be one of the most important votes of my tenure in the House of Representatives,” Giffords said. “I am confident it is the right thing to do. I also am confident that by confronting the health insurance crisis facing our country, we are honoring the ideals that have been the foundation of our country for more than two centuries. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, ‘Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.’”

Let me say that I agree with Ms. Giffords assessment of the importance of this legislation, but for the opposite reason that she cites. I think it will be her undoing.

I am also completely appalled that she quoted Thomas Jefferson, as if he would approve of this legislation. Let us not forget that Thomas Jefferson also wrote that "When a people fear its government, it is tyranny. When a government fears its people, liberty".

It takes a willful act of supreme ignorance to selectively quote TJ in support of a Federal Government run portion of our national economy. I think that Thomas Jefferson would have rather been shot, than to have been quoted for such a purpose. This is the "water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants" guy. What tyranny was he talking about? The tyranny of not having good health insurance? My goodness woman! He was talking about YOU! He was talking about a centralized government from across the sea making daily life decisions for the people of this country. That is why we started this country! To get away from centralized government!

While it is true that no happiness can be enjoyed without health, it is equally true that no liberty can be enjoyed when the government makes decisions for you and runs your life. Her use of the quote also misses the mark in that, to Jefferson, liberty IS health to a free society. There will be no happiness without liberty. None.

She completely misconstrued his statement. I know what she was doing. She was trying to quote one of our founding fathers to appear patriotic and pro-American. It is what Marxists, Alinsky-ites do. They take the words and deeds of people that have a positive image and they twist it to mean something completely different to suit their purposes of socialism.

This is another case where, the Democratic Party doesn't just get it 10% wrong, or 20% or even 90%. Their position is EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of true. It is 100% wrong, 180 degrees out of phase with the truth.

NO ONE in their right mind, who has EVER read anything written by Thomas Jefferson, could have quoted him in support or somehow justifying a centralized government approach to ANYTHING. By today's standards, TJ would be a radical, gun-toting, religious zealot, and followed by the FBI and DHS. And TJ wasn't even a good Christian. He was a deist. But even a Deist recognized the Creator and His providential hand on human affairs, and would be considered a dangerous zealot by our current government's standards.

I encourage anyone to read some of TJ's letters. Read a biography about that isn't completely absorbed by the Sally Hemmings controversy. Discover who and what this great American was. You too, will be disgusted when socialists claim some sort of common ground with this man. Nothing further could be the truth. TJ would see them as an enemy, not a friend. TJ believed in a "meritocracy". In fact, he coined the term. He would be appalled by our country today and deeply saddened by where we are right now. I can only imagine him getting one of his famous migraine headaches when he discovered that his words were being used as a justification for a tyrannical takeover of doctors, dentists, and nurses and all that goes with them.

In the spirit of TJ, we need to send this woman back to private life and out of the halls of power. We need another revolution, fought with a pen, and a keyboard. Read what your representative writes. Listen to what they say. Send them letters, emails. Join a political party and get these people out of Washington, before it becomes Rome.

UPDATE: For a pretty good idea, just read the list of grievances against King George written into the Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson. Get past the Preamble that everyone reads, and look at the remainder of the document. Tell me where there was a desire for the centralized and distant power of the King to address health care issues or any possible analogous equivalent for that society at that time that you care to come up with.

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