Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have stumbled upon the one word that sums up our current US foreign policy;


This is especially true in regards to our policy (or lack thereof), towards, about, around and behind, Israel. What are we doing? If I were an Israeli, I would be VERY nervous right now.

I came across a nice speech made by Virginia Congressman, Eric Cantor to AIPAC.

Video is here.

He calls out evil as evil. His story about the Treblinka survivors trying to help the German Jewish workers escape and their response to those Poles, is astounding. It truly is the frog in the pot.

I have read enough history to know that when the proverbial fecal matter hits the centrifugal air-displacement device, the people that are denying this and covering up what is happening will go down in history as villains. And the masses that turned their collective eye away from evil, away from the enemy at the gates?

How would you feel if a very great evil happened, you could have stopped it, and you chose to do nothing? There is evil in this world and it must be confronted. This prevarication on the part of the President is...immoral.

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